Thrifty Thursday #2

Here is the second blog of our Thrifty Thursday series, where we will be interviewing and sharing tips from your favourite Instagram thrifters! 
We are asking the amazing Penny (threadsforapenny) some thrifty questions! We LOVE Penny's style and attitude towards slow fashion, she is never afraid of upcycling an item to suit her style!
Penny is all for developing your own unique style through secondhand shopping and avoiding the massive corporations! She has some fantastic tips for you all to get you started on your secondhand journey! 

What are your best thrifting tips?

I would say just be open to anything! Look in the places you wouldn’t usually look, and (if you can) make sure you’ve got a lot of time!! Go into all the charity shops near you (if you’re looking physically) and browse everything because you might be surprised at what you find hidden away! If you’re looking online, then I’d say if you’ve got time have a good look at the explore page to broaden your horizons, you might find something you love that you wouldn’t initially go looking for! If you don’t have much time and want to find a specific thing, make use of all the filters than many places online provide – size, quality, colour, etc!!


Who are your fave thrifty bloggers?

This is a hard question because there are SO many amazing thrifty bloggers who inspire me every day!! It’s such a great community and it’s so nice to speak to and interact with like-minded people everyday. To name a couple, I love @theniftythrifter and @environmentaleadai. On top of having fab thrifty finds, they both have amazing, inspiring posts that really resonate with people! 

What's your best secondhand purchase?

OOOOO this is hard too!! I literally love everything I have bought from a charity shop (especially recently as I’m only trying to buy things that I really really like). This changes CONSTANTLY but at the very moment I’m super happy with these pink adidas tracksuit trousers I got for like £4 at a charity shop. I wore them allllll the time for a very long time but they, sadly, got an oil stain on them. I then turned them into a corset top which is my current favourite item in my wardrobe!!

Why is shopping secondhand important to you?

Oh I could go on and on about this hahahaha! But in short – you’re helping the environment and not giving money to big fast fashion companies that exploit workers. ALSO, you can really find your own unique style and unique pieces and I think that is so so fun. You can save money too as it’s sometimes cheaper than buying new which is always a plus! A recent reason has been because it has brought me to this community, which is so supportive and encouraging!

Shop Take Two Top Pick?

I’m pretty obsessed with this Red Zebra Print Dress oh my! It’s not my size but it’s going to be an INCREDIBLE addition to someone’s wardrobe. I can picture this being even more amazing with chunky boots and a black belt!!

And lastly what started your love for secondhand clothing & sustainable fashion?

OOO this is a good question! I’m not sure I could pin point this down to one item as I started shopping second hand soooo long ago! However, I do have very fond memories of going to a £1 sale at a thrift store with my friends and finding a velvet zip up jumper that I came to wear CONSTANTLY. ALSO when I was younger, I used to go to charity shops for fleeces a lot haahhahaha so I guess that’s where my love for sustainable fashion started (although at the time I wasn’t quite aware of how important it is).


A huge thank you to Penny for taking her time to talk to us and share some of her top tips! Many think shopping second hand means you wont look fashionable but Penny shows how to make the most of your clothes and DIY to create on trend pieces! Head over to her Instagram to see how she style all her finds! @threadsforapenny
If you are interested in being apart of this series please don't hesitate to contact us! Take care, thanks for reading! xox

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