Thrifty Thursday #1

Welcome to the first post of our new blog series, Thrifty Thursday, where we will be interviewing and sharing tips from your favourite Instagram thrifters! 
We are starting off the series with Immie (exitviathethriftshop) we have known Immie for a few years now and always loved her style so we thought it was about time to ask her for her top tips on how to grow a preloved wardrobe and stay stylish!

What are your best thrifting tips?

Don’t limit yourself. I think a lot of people (myself included when I first begun charity shopping), head straight to the womenswear and leave it at that. However, I’ve learnt that shopping second hand there is nothing you can’t find, and I mean nothing! But it's not just about expanding WHAT you look for but WHERE you look for it! You can find items in charity shops, swap shops, as well as exploring online apps such as Vinted and Depop for buying, selling and swapping. I’m looking forward to heading to some vintage stores and car boots as they are something I’ve not yet explored. One more tip I've learned over time- ignore the labels. I used to feel roped into buying items because they held a label I liked, rather than being an item I would actually use- whereas now my wardrobe is full of pieces from various designers and brands, every single item is one I love. 

@exitviathethriftshop Take Two Dress Agency Thrifting Tips Interview

Who are your fave thrifty bloggers?

A year or so ago I wouldn’t have known how to answer this, I wasn’t aware of the vast number of people also choosing sustainable fashion as their 'go to', and I have become a part now of such a wonderful, insightful community on Instagram. The list of bloggers could go on and on, but I’ll try not to go off on a tangent! (I will use Instagram handles for reference.) 'EvaMillicentWhitt' was one of the first 'thrifty' bloggers I came across. Her positive attitude towards normalising second hand clothing really hit home for me, and I’ve felt inspired to challenge fast fashion companies on their disregard for the environment and treatment of workers after watching Eva making such an impact. ‘Milknosugar’ is another favourite of mine. Lottie has a YouTube channel as well as an Instagram, where she posts videos surrounding an eco friendly approach to fashion. Lottie has been an inspiration for my love of swapping clothing, and she is one of a group of girls who have come together to create an online 'swap family' group on social media. Exploring hashtags such as #secondhand or #ecoblogger is a great way to begin discovering like-minded people on social media platforms.
Eva (@evamillicentwhitt) Sustainable Instagram Blogger Lottie (@milknosugar) Secondhand Fashion Blogger and Youtuber

What's your best secondhand purchase?

Probably my faux fur denim jacket. When I first saw a Topshop model wearing this jacket last year on an ad, I fell in love with it immediately, but I wasn’t prepared to buy it new. However, whilst I was getting my daily dose of Depop a few months back, I came across somebody selling it for a fraction of the price - just £12 with postage! And I absolutely had to have it. It goes to show that sometimes waiting a little longer is so worth it. I saved myself a small fortune, and it felt good to know it had been preloved. Also, still wanting it so much after time had passed made me realise that it would be a timeless piece for me. I am working on building a wardrobe now that I will keep forever, rather than investing in things that I will only enjoy for a short while. I want to ask myself 'why' before I buy.
@exitviathethriftshop Take Two Dress Agency Thrifting Tips Interview

Why is shopping secondhand important to you?

Although thrifting doesn’t directly help conditions and exploitation in the work place, I believe that by setting an example and working together, we can be the change. If we all challenge the likes of fast fashion brands, they will be left with no choice but to change their antics. We can also work to reduce our environmental impact. For example did you know that just one pair of jeans uses 1800 gallons of water??! Madness when there are people living without having any water that is safe to drink. Of course there is so much more to it, and I urge you to do some research if you haven’t already because even a little bit of reading will present you with the most shocking of facts- they’re not hard to find, we are blind to the fact that they are right in front of us. For this reason I am keen to set an example to my daughter from a young age, and hope that she will grow up with the knowledge of where her clothing comes from before she makes a decision on where to purchase. I hope that I’ve shown her the importance of shopping secondhand but also that thrifting can also just be jolly good fun! 

Shop Take Two Top Pick?

This has been a hard one (so many treasures!), but on seeing this Green Dragon ASOS Dress I have completely fallen in love! How different is it? I’m so into my shift dresses at the moment and this one definitely fits the bill! The colours are gorgeous and I’m such a fan of embroidery. I had to double check the price of this piece, still can’t believe what a bargain it is! It's a little big for me, but I'm tempted.. another perk of buying second hand is you can invest in items with the intention of creating alterations without spending too much money on them. 
Asos Green Dragon Dress, Brand New With Tags - Shop Take Two Dress Agency

And lastly what started your love for secondhand clothing & sustainable fashion?

I’ll be honest, when I first begun shopping second hand it was absolutely for the bargains! Especially when it came to children’s wear. Fresh out of university with a young daughter, charity shops proved to be a great way to purchase gorgeous pieces at a fraction of the price. So probably, though not specifically, my first item would most likely have been an item for my darling. I remember paying pennies for a gorgeous little handmade yellow gingham dress for her in the Salvation Army when she was newborn and being completely taken aback by how different it was. This began to shine a light on how I was restricting myself by shopping 'high street fashion'.


A huge thank you to Immie for taking her time to talk to us and share some of her top tips! Many think shopping second hand means you wont look fashionable or be on trend but Immie really does show this is not the case! Head over to her Instagram to see how she style all her finds! @exitviathethriftshop
We hope you enjoyed our first Thrifty Thursday blog entry! Stay tuned for another in a couple of weeks.
If you are interested in being apart of this series please don't hesitate to contact us! Take care, thanks for reading! xox

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