What to do with your clothes after a wardrobe declutter…

With hours to fill staying at home there has never been a better time to have a clear out. Youtuber’s have shown us how to sort out our wardrobes and organisation gurus like Marie Kondo have shown us how to be ruthless with things we no longer wear. Nobody ever seems to talk about the aftermath, there is nothing worse than finishing a clear out and being left with piles of clothes and a bigger mess than you started with. We want to show you how you can make the most of your unloved items this declutter session and help you send them to the right home. Here are 8 suggestions of what you could do with your clothes after your sort out.


Get Creative!

Take this time as a chance to revamp your items into something you will love this season. Here are some of our fave ideas! For more inspiration head over to our Pinterest board

Embroidery is a great way of adding different colours and patterns to your clothing! Take a pair of jeans and start with some simple embroidery techniques and see what you can create!

Turning something old into something new has never been so easy. Everyone all over Youtube and TikTok have been showing us super easy hacks and methods of changing the use of our old items!

Painting onto an item is also an effective way of changing up a garment. Why not get creative and transform an old t-shirt by painting a pocket, adding a bold statement or experiment with tie dye. There are loads of great tutorials as well as stencils that you can buy to transform an item easily.

photo credit: Pinterest Sewing Projects Artistro


Dress Agency

For those of you that don’t know we run a Dress Agency called Take Two in Diss, Norfolk. If you aren’t local I am sure there will be an agency near you! It is a great chance to get some money back for your clothes whether they are designer or high street items. Most Dress Agencys are done on a 60/40 or 50/50 commission basis. Sometimes it can be difficult to sell your items on online platforms because some things just need to be seen in person and tried on, that's where these type of shops come into play! They are on the highstreet so your items can be browsed through and shopped in a boutique environment. You'll get notified when your items sell so it’s a great way to sell your pieces without the hassle of taking photos, listing them or posting them.




Don’t throw away your perfect pair of jeans just because of that tiny hole here are some solutions: 

If you have items which need fixing we have some great easy tutorials and stitch ideas to follow over on our Pinterest board which you can get stuck into, we also have lots of really cool visible mending ideas which is on trend this season!

If sewing isn't for you then don't worry, there's lots of places out there which will repair items for you! Levis are one company that can repair your old jeans and will even customise them for you! Lots of local independents also offer repairs, here in our hometown Norwich Dogfish have extended their store in order to set up a repairs shop! It's definitely something that’s worth looking into.

Be daring with your clothes, look into different ways you can alter items there's so many youtube how to videos available, you can do it! Or why not recreate something by adding a cool patch or a bit of colour to make it something you'll love again!

photo credit: Pinterest Levis Make Waves Studio



Put aside a small pile of items for a swish event in your area! If you haven’t been to a swish been before you can exchange your clothes for points which you then use to purchase something different. So you are basically swapping your clothes, they are great fun and the perfect event to attend with friends.


Charity Shop

It's always a nice feeling knowing that you've donated to a good cause, so if you have lots of items you can always set aside a bag full to take to your local charity shop!


Smalls for all  

When having a clear out underwear is always a grey area, many people chuck them in a bag to go to a charity shop however most do not accept them. If you have new knickers or nearly new bras you can send them to Smalls for all which is a charity that sends underwear to women and children in Africa - "giving bras and knickers may seem like a small thing, but it can make a life changing difference"


Many of you will already know about these popular ways of selling, for those of you who don't they are both online selling platforms. Depop is almost the Instagram of selling. Both of these platforms are great for things that Dress Agencies wouldn’t take or items you just want a little bit of money back for.


Homeless/ Clothes bank

Have a look at where your local homeless shelter clothes drop off is, they are always looking for jackets, socks, underwear, trousers, t-shirts and hoodies! It is a great way to help those most vulnerable and your clothes will be going to a great cause. 

Let us know what you do with your clothes after a sort out, Hope you enjoyed our first blog post!!

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